Drop or not

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I've been holding on to Gangster Hero for quite a time already. There isn't any translator nor is there any raws. Sigh going to disappoint some readers. Well, I'm going to hold it till end of this year and if there still isn't any translator, I'm going to drop it.

New project: Juuhime~Sincerely Night

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Good News! I know Easy Going Scans have dropped this project. So, I'll be picking it up as
I've found Chinese Raws for Sincerely Night. However, I need to read the first 2 volumes to understand the story going on first. I'll be translating it, but my priority is still 365 Ho No Yuuki!! as I've hold that project for some time already. Hope you understand! :) 


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Just realise some boxes for JPP chapter 12 was in cream colour instead of white and 1 page was missing a translation. I'll go and redo it probably during April... Just bear with the cream colour for a while. The missing speech should be "Ah".

JPP Chapter 12!

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After this chapter, I got to hold it unless we could find a japanese -> chinese/ japanese -> english translator. This is because the raws I have are in Japanese and the chinese scans team stopped at chapter 12. After this probably during June/July I'll start translating 365 Ho No Yuuki!! To continue Ping Pong Prince I would need a cleaner. That's all! Here are the download links :
Download Here! (.rar)

And here's chapter 11.5 Extra. It's not subbed though as we didn't have any Jap translator.

JPP6 Change of download link

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Thanks to SBKch & JJ I didn't realise that there was a mistake in the download link. Sorry for the mistakes, in my mediafire chapter 6 has like 10 different type because there's the raws and cleans and the final. Got messed up, time for spring cleaning I guess. Well here are the links, I'm sure I'm right this time:

Download Here (.zip)
Download Here (.rar)

Releasing Soon

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We'll be releasing JPP Chapter 11 soon!! We will upload it on New Year 01/01/14 when every country have past midnight. Which means when Anchorage turns 00:00 we will release it! Hmm prob earlier for online but the download links will be posted by then! Early wishes from Twisted Mist!!! Happy New Year!

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