Good News

//17 June 2016
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Sorry guys for the super long hiatus. I've found 2 new translators for Gangster Hero! Hopefully we will get the translations by end of June! 4 chapters are being translated now. And for the Ore No Sukina Ko Ga Burakon Sugiru hope I can finish translating the last chapter and close the project. Right now I'm pretty busy as it's my final year so can't really keep track with manga ><

Merry XMas ^^

//25 December 2015
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Merry X'Mas 
1 chapter for today, if possible I'll get 2 more by next week ><

Chapter 4:

Pray for Paris, Peace for Paris

//15 November 2015
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Sorry this is probably a bit late. But #prayforparis #peaceforparis
Can't imagine how the people in paris are going through, seeing bodies and blood, running for their lives.
8 attackers dead. 128 civilians killed. Hope that the death roll won't increase ><
pic credit: @jean_jullien 

What's worst was that this happened on my bday. I was happily celebrating my birthday not knowing that paris was being attacked :( - QR

Ore no Suki na Ko ga Burakon Sugiru!! Chapter 3

//11 October 2015
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Yay! Chapter 3 is done >< Chapter 4 is under translation now

Download Here!(.zip)
Read here! 

Chouko To Ippon Shobu Nanoda summary

//03 September 2015
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Chapter 3 - Chouko To Ippon Shobu Nanoda
Kidzuki Misaki Chouko who has been practicing kendo since 5 years old, but still sucks at it, meets Takanashi who excels in kendo. What will happen when she ask for him to be her coach, and know his past?

ATOML Last Chapter & BC Chapter 2

//01 September 2015
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First release of September ^^ ATOML has finally complete. Gangster Hero will continue, sorry for the wait! And I've already uploaded this two on other sites.

Read Here!
Download Here!(.zip)

Read Here!
Download Here!(.zip)

In need of translators

//25 August 2015
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The above projects are under our upcoming projects. We wish to be able to start publishing them but we need translators! We only have 1 Vietnamese and 1 Korean -> English translator, and both have projects on hand already. 

It's fine if you just want to translate a particular manga or do a joint. Just drop me a mail at  
*We are giving priority to The guy who will give a kiss for 5000 won and Wait! Wolf first.