Gangster Hero Chapter 13 + download links

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It's out on our reader and the download links are below! I've already uploaded it to other website, so you'll have to wait. Next week chapter 14. Hope it won't be a cliffhanger for you all. Enjoy! And please note I won't be uploading anything during October. Look at the release note at the side bar. Cheers!


Download Here!(.zip)
Download Here! (.rar)

Resize or not

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I've updated the chapter 13 peak, I've added the original size. Which is like this.

I really don't know how you all are going to read it if all of them are this size, as compared to the resize it's probably twice smaller. Those at the reader previously are all enlarged. Would you all want to think about your choices again? Now is 2 Resize, 5 Leave it as it is. 

Gangster Hero Chapter 13 sneak

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Just realised the raws I had is way smaller than the previous, I tried to resize it as much as I can. Not sure for you all, but I can't stand blurred lines so when I resize it I was actually quite dissatisfied. If you all don't mind it being blur then I'll keep with this resolution. 


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Not sure why Both Mangafox and Mangahere have yet publish 365 Ho No Yuuki and Sincerely Night. They only published Gangster Hero. Even though I uploaded all in an hour... Oh well just read it from our reader if you don't mind. Or you can just continue to wait. Cheers!
PS If you cannot excess to our download links just PM me your email, I'll send it to you.

My bad...

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I was scrolling through my credit page that i realised i made a mistake again. Because 3 projects together, I'm confused who did what so here's the credit page corrected:
Gangster Hero:
Cleaner: Silver Emmie
Editor: QR

365 Ho No Yuuki:
Translator: QR
Proofreader: Emiko
Cleaner: Silver Emmie
Typesetter: QR

Sincerely Night:
Translator: Clio
Proofreader:  Emiko

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