Gangster Hero Chapter 33

//27 February 2017
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Sorry for the wait! Chapter 33 is uploaded!

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Happy Valentine's Day

//14 February 2017
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Happy Valentine's Day to all ^^
I'll be uploading the Gangster Hero pretty soon as exams are ending. Hope you enjoy today with your family, friend or lover! See you guys real soon. Cheers!


Uploaded the missing pages

//18 September 2016
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Sorry for the wait, the scans have finally be completed >< Give me a few days more for the next chapter to be uploaded! Thanks for the support guys!


//15 July 2016
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Yay completed! Sorry for the wait, just finish typesetting Gangster Hero. I've uploaded the chapter on all the manga platforms too.

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Good News

//17 June 2016
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Sorry guys for the super long hiatus. I've found 2 new translators for Gangster Hero! Hopefully we will get the translations by end of June! 4 chapters are being translated now. And for the Ore No Sukina Ko Ga Burakon Sugiru hope I can finish translating the last chapter and close the project. Right now I'm pretty busy as it's my final year so can't really keep track with manga ><

Merry XMas ^^

//25 December 2015
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Merry X'Mas 
1 chapter for today, if possible I'll get 2 more by next week ><

Chapter 4:

Pray for Paris, Peace for Paris

//15 November 2015
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Sorry this is probably a bit late. But #prayforparis #peaceforparis
Can't imagine how the people in paris are going through, seeing bodies and blood, running for their lives.
8 attackers dead. 128 civilians killed. Hope that the death roll won't increase ><
pic credit: @jean_jullien 

What's worst was that this happened on my bday. I was happily celebrating my birthday not knowing that paris was being attacked :( - QR